Our motto

The profit our customers derive from our programs pays off by several folds the cost of our services.

SaySoft proprietary programs

All analysis, procedures and sources are completely made by SaySoft

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In-depth industry knowledge

We are continuously updated to better serve our most demanding breeders and farmers.

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Best Quality/Price Ratio

Exceptional and competitive Quality:Price ratio.
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Say-Abstracts: The Online Abstracts Submission.

A wonderful tool for Scientific Conferences Organizers. 
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Say-Crops in cloud

SayCrops in cloud, an online program for the management of the land and the countryside notebook.

Competent and close-knit team

A close-knit and motivated group of engineers and vets ready to face up to any technical issue.

Attention to details

Taking care of each detail, supported by external consultants and by additional "eyes".

Attention to details

Taking care of each detail, supported by external consultants and by additional "eyes".


Ad-Libitum, the complete system for the technical management of feed formulations and feed mills.

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SaySoft organizes courses and workshops for all its users during national and international fairs and shows.

Smart Working since 2009

We have been operating in smart working since 2009.

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International presence

SaySoft is present as an important protagonist in world and scientific conferences.

Welcome to SaySoft

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 With its 37 years of experience in the field of planning in the food industry, SaySoft aims to provide professional consulting , analysis and software for the agro_food industry, providing data integration from field to fork.


SaySoft is committed to providing perfectly designed software to satisfy all the phases of the production cycle and communication tools between the technical, sales , the producer and the consumer.

SaySoft is composed of a close-knit group of engineers and veterinarians motivated and ready to take into consideration the needs and technical issues that presents the customer.

SaySoft develops mainly web based software with tailor-made solutions.

SaySoft is based in Italy, precisely Mantua, but the offices are as amatter of fact, virtual offices on the web and SaySoft operaters live in various areas of Italy (Verona , Bologna , Brescia, Suzzara ... )

SaySoft, offers a complete set of programs to allow the farmers and the vertically integrated groups and cooperatives to control every and each segment of the production cycle, from the crop to the fork: Crops management (SayCrops), Feed management (AdLibitum), Feed Stock and traceability (Ad- Libitum S), Labelling program, Poultry integrated farms (DataFors – with the collaboration of the Swiss-based Software house DSP), Pigs integrated farms (PigStuff, PigStuff Sows and PigStuff Meat), Dairy farms (VL.net) and last but not least Accounting software (Business 1 - with the collaboration of Italian based software house CPne)

Some example of SaySoft's software :

PigStuff Sows , Management software for sows and swine genetics;
PigStuff Meat, complete management of pigs rearing;
PigStuff Slaughterhouse / Meat quality data management (Connection to the Slaughterhouse) 
Ad- Libitum, optimization and management of formulas and feed rations ;
Ad- Libitum S, Warehouse Management and traceability ;
Ad- Libitum L, Management and Print Yellow automatic ;
VL.netPrograms for managing Dairy cows Herd. ;
Lab On-Line Data Management: Laboratory analysis of raw materials;
Management of scientific conferences : Online Submission pagesAutomatic production of " Book of Abstracts ", " Book of Proceedings ."









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