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Prezzo : Qualità

Prezzo : Qualità

Rapporto Qualità/Prezzo eccezionale e competitivo.

Programmi di proprietà

Programmi di proprietà

Analisi, Procedure e sorgenti completamente realizzati da SaySoft

Conoscenza approfondita del settore

Conoscenza approfondita del settore

SaySoft è sempre aggiornata tecnicamente per poter servire al meglio i nostri allevatori e agricoltori i più esigenti.

Ad-Libitum Stock: The Online Stock Management

 Ad-Libitum S is a Warehouse and feed stock management software. Adlibitum_S is an online program based on PHP5 and MySQL database. It has been designed to easily handle the raw materials, the finished feed and their traceability.


AdLibitum_S Features:

  •  Tracks the raw materials from their acquisition until their consumption.
  • Tracks the formulae records from their production (including premixes and semi-finished feed) until their delivery.
  • Handles both internal and external lots (suppliers’ lots)
  • Edit and reedit the prices at any time.
  • Tracks the single and the agglomerated lots .
  • Communicates and imports raw materials from the Feed Formulations programs (Ad-Libitum, Excel or other programs on request)
  • Communicates and imports supply order from the third parties accounting  programs.
  • etc....



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