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Prezzo : Qualità

Prezzo : Qualità

Rapporto Qualità/Prezzo eccezionale e competitivo.

Programmi di proprietà

Programmi di proprietà

Analisi, Procedure e sorgenti completamente realizzati da SaySoft

Conoscenza approfondita del settore

Conoscenza approfondita del settore

SaySoft è sempre aggiornata tecnicamente per poter servire al meglio i nostri allevatori e agricoltori i più esigenti.

PigStuff Fattening


-         PigStuff is an online application for the management of pig fattening farms. PigStuff Meat is powered by Microsoft’s Online Silverlight technology


  •         Daily managed and updated Server.
  •         Cross Traceability between PigStuff Meat and the Feed Stock Program (Adlibitum_S)  (Tracing Feed, Treatments) and between PigStuff Sows (Genetics and pedigree).
  •         Immediate recapitulations and statistics about the flock’s Performance, Animal movements Mortality and Sales.
  •         Tailor mad filters for better statistics
  •         Dedicated applications for mass weighing, prices and costs editing and reediting.
  •         Housing (Loading) and unloading  Calendar.
  •         Remarks and notes pad application to manage the veterinary and technicians comments.
  • Tag manager for each cycle: Used to make specific and more appropriate statistics filter.
    Costs management.
  • User friendly handling and animal movements (displacing) manager.
  • User friendly growth and weight curves manager
  • Possibility of exporting the recapitulations and the statistics towards most of the known formats (pdf, excel, Word, cvs, tiff, etc…)






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