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Say-Crops in cloud

SayCrops in cloud, an online program for the management of the land and the countryside notebook.

Attention to details

Taking care of each detail, supported by external consultants and by additional "eyes".


Ad-Libitum, the complete system for the technical management of feed formulations and feed mills.

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Adlibitum Leonardo

Features of the software :

-              Ad-Libitum  Leonardo is a program of comprehensive management of feed rations and feed mills: Feed Optimization, Approx. analysis, Communication with the plant software, with Ad-libitum_S, the Stock management and traceability and with Ad-Libitum_L, the Automatic production of official labels.




Main Caratteristics:

  • Unlimited Nutrients  
  • Nutrients order and groups at any time;
  • Optimization and Approx. Analysis of finished feed in the same procedure;
  • Saving the history and all the changes on prices, analysis and other values;
  • Traceability and communication with the online Stock management software (Ad Libitum-S) and the Labels Management Software (Ad Libitum-L);
  •  Communications and shake_hands between the program with other programs on the network, such as Accounting, Excel, Word and OpenOffice;
  • Etc. ..





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