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Immediate assistance:

SaySoft's customers are already used to receive a friendly and immediate support at any time of the day or of the week. Support, Assistance, Immediate response are the secret of our success.


Stable and tested Software: 

SaySoft's experience throughout the years gave us the ability to write simple and precise analysis, these analysis that gave to the SaySoft's software a hence stability on most operating systems and platforms.


Agro-food Technology and Science:

SaySoft's programs are not only practical for a fast data collection and recording. Being a company specialized in Agriculture, food industry and food/feed traceability, we concentrated our work to create immediate, clear and complete recapitulations and summaries.
Our staff is composed of Agriculture engineers, Software engineers, nutritionists and Animal Production and protection. It is our staff that give us the right skills to assist the Swine Genetics and Swine Fattening, the Poultry Industry, the Feed Mills and Nutritionist, Chemical Laboratories and university research.


 Profitable Software:

 "YOU CAN NOT MANAGE WHAT YOU CAN NOT MEASURE". This is our Motto. We never lose it from sight when we project and realize our software. We always make sure that the profit that gets our customer from our software largely repays the reduced cost of our services.


Competitive prices:

Our Quality:Price ratio is very good. The number of our customers, farmers and technicians, proves it.

Our online programs do not need installation and they need much less maintenance costs. The more we have users, the less costs a license. The more we give answers to questions the better are our programs. The more we resolve errors the more stable are the software: THIS IS WHY, SaySoft DOES NOT CHARGE IT'S CLIENTS FOR MAINTENANCE OR REQUESTS:

Working online, you will always have servers of the latest generation, daily data backup, immediate updates and work with any operating system.

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