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The Software of the Submission page can fit any webpage or frame with only 800 pixel wide and it has the following properties:

Database and administrators (operators) properties.

  • Daily and weekly backup of the database.
  • Possibility of assigning the reviewers: One or more reviewer per session ( Topic) with an automatic

Front end " Speakers Portal:
 i.      Authors and Users Management (Registration, Login, Password generation and antispam)
 ii.      Authors, if instructed by the reviewers, can edit their abstracts texts in a second time.
 iii.      If required by the moderator, authors may upload items.
 iv.      A user can insert more than one abstract.

 i.      Reviewers cannot edit the text of the abstract, but they can comment and ask the authors to edit his abstract.
 ii.      If necessary , only the Moderator may edit the contents of the abstract.
 iii.     The moderator can change the assigned reviewer and the presentation method.
 iv.      A reviewer has access only to the abstracts he has to review.

Statistics and tools:
      Periodically, the moderator will receive an Excel file automatically generated by the "database abstract" summarizing the temporary situation of bids 
      The file contains :

  • A complete list of abstracts
  • Statistics on: Reviewers work load, Countries , Topics, presentations
  • Names and status of the author’s abstract(as well as the name of the reviewer)
  • Details and publishable content of the summary.
  • Reviewers and moderators comments

Book of Abtract creation, layout and editing on Word and PDF documents(ready to print).
Abstracts content Search Engine on internet
The search engine can also be set to access through Individual Login.

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