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Conferences and Online submissions

With its 30 years of experience in the field of computer science, SaySoft provides software for several sectors of the food industry : Optimization and feed analysis (Least Costing) , Online Stock Management, Labelling Management, Dairy Herd Management, Sows and pigs farm management, Database integration for a complete Traceability (feed, treatments and genetics) and, last but not least, scientific websites management: Online Laboratories, Abstracts Submission and reviewing, "Book of abstracts" and "book of proceedings" publication...

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SaySoft offers:
Sponsors Marketing Management (Acquiring sponsors, managing Logos and Links)
b.      Creation and development of newsletters in HTML language, complete with graphics and layout
c.       Distribution of the newsletters. (example of mailing list: 8000 e-mail addresses for the Poultry industry)
d.      Antispam criteria control to prevent the automatic refusal by the software (Gmail, Outlook, etc ...);
e.       Mail list Subscription management (refusal / Confirmation);
f.        Obsolete addresses management;

(Newsletter example:

Render all the heterogeneous pdf documents received by the different authors. The rendering standardizes the documents: It makes them "homogeneous" and adds Headers, Footers and page numbers.

The Software of the Submission page can fit any webpage or frame with only 800 pixel wide and it has the following properties:

Database and administrators (operators) properties.

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